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Cables, PowerSaver, TPMS & clothes

WingMan cable

RideLink Cable

Cable for your WingMan

We offer different cables and OBD2 adapters for your motorcycle.

Modern motorcycles (from 2022) only have one specific plug, but before that it was quite colorful. So that we can bring this colorful and diverse world to the WingMan, we have many different cables for you.

There are also extension cables for the WingMan and the PowerSaver.


RideLink PowerSaver

Power saving module for the WingMan

The WingMan needs a little power even when it is sleeping. Because the WingMan never actually sleeps! Some motorcycle batteries don't like this and unfortunately even the thickest battery is empty at some point.

For everyone who doesn't ride motorbikes that much and doesn't yet have a battery conservation device, we recommend the PowerSaver.

The PowerSaver is a small device that simply switches 12V when you move. So a universal, mechanical motion detector for 12V. It fits the WingMan perfectly, but allows for many other options: navigation device, cell phone charger.


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Tire pressure monitoring system

The tire is the only contact with the road. So everything depends on the tire. Then why do we know so little about our tires?

That's why we integrate FoBo's tire pressure system (TPMS) into our app. The FoBo is one of the lightest & smallest sensors with Bluetooth 5.0. This means we can now also show you values such as temperature and pressure in the app.

We offer you the TPMS for EUR 99.95. This includes two sensors and accessories.

No subscription is necessary.


RideLink Accessories

Mugs, T-Shirts & Caps

Of course, like us, you can bring more RideLink into your life. Whether as a cup, cap or hoodie. Choose your favorite piece now.

In our store you will find all sorts of small and large accessories as gifts or just to keep you warm.