RideLink Linie

eCall - Live Tracking - Anti Theft - OBD2

RideLink E-Call Funktion

More Security on your adventure

If the worst comes to the worst, RideLink will send you help across Europe with the automatic emergency call if you really need it.

Your bike is always safe

RideLink takes care of your bike and informs you immediately. You can check the live location of your bike at any time.

RideLink Diebstahlwarner Funktion
Enjoy Your Ride
RideLink Navigations App

Find your destination

RideLink navigates you and your friends safely to your destination on the world's curviest roads. Invite friends to tour together and see you always live on the map.

Plan your next adventure

Easily plan your next ride alone or with your friends with RideLink and find your next adventure.

RideLink Routenplaner App
RideLink Live Tracking

Track your best tours

RideLink automatically records all your rides and lets you relive your adventures.

Make your bike smart

RideLink networks itself via the diagnostic interface of your bike and shows you all relevant data in real time.

RideLink Fahrzeug Kommunikation
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RideLink Notfallmeldung

Stephan Braisach

The mountains are on Graz's doorstep and I use every minute to experience nature on my motorcycle. RideLink makes my family feel more comfortable because they can see where I am at all times.

RideLink Notfallmeldung

Patrick Dimster

For me, riding a motorcycle means switching off from everyday life. It gives me a feeling of freedom. As a young family man, I naturally also attach great importance to my safety. Especially when I ride alone, I always have my potential savior with me in Ridelink.

RideLink Notfallmeldung

Patrick Ernst

The enthusiasm for perfection and the addiction to constant improvement is my motivator on the race track. RideLink shows my performance on the race track and helps me to experience my limit.

RideLink Notfallmeldung

Jörg Majoli

I am professionally, for travel and adventure on the road with the motorcycle. That is clean prepare, that goes with Ridelink. If I am alone on the road and something happens, someone is notified. If I take people with me, I can track where they are and they know where I am so it's easier to stay together.