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The RideLink WingMan is your digital pillion for motorcycling. The WingMan is a small Linux computer with many sensors that track your ride. The gyroscope and the accelerometer record your ride precisely. The sensors reliably detect your cornering position or an accident. The WingMan is also very communicative, it connects via WLAN with your smartphone and via 2G/4G with the Internet. Your motorcycle has a CAN bus? Then the WingMan can also diagnose your motorcycle! The WingMan is installed in your motorcycle in 5min, you only have to connect it to the ignition terminal or the battery. Then connect it to your smartphone and you are ready to go!

RideLink Unfallerkennung

Automatic accident detection

The WingMan can detect accidents and overturns with its sensors and stored logic. As soon as the WingMan detects such a situation, it automatically sends the location to a 24/7 call center.

24/7 e-call center

The call center checks all incoming messages and tries to reach you by phone. If you cannot be reached and your position does not change, the rescue chain is triggered.

RideLink Diebstahlmelder

Automatic motion detection

The WingMan automatically falls asleep after a ride and then watches over the movement of your motorcycle. As soon as the motorcycle is moved, the WingMan wakes up and sends a push notification.

Live tracking of the position

You can check and track the location of your motorcycle in the app at any time. You decide if it was just the neighbor's cat or if you should call the police.

RideLink Tracking

Automatic Journey Recording

The WingMan automatically starts the ride recording as soon as you are on the road with your motorcycle. In addition to the GPS positions, driving dynamics data such as speed, acceleration and roll values are recorded.

Live Tracking

You can also share your location with family and friends so that I can track you live. You can easily share this location via a link and deactivate it at any time.

RideLink Wingman

LiveData via OBD2

The WingMan has an integrated CAN bus, with which you can read out vehicle data. Via the so-called OBD2 interface in the motorcycle, various data can be read out live.

Trouble Codes (DTC)

Motorcycles with an engine control unit produce errors from time to time, which can be stored in error codes and read out via OBD2. The WingMan can read, display and also reset these error codes based on the OBD2.

RideLink WingMan Verpackung


for only € 349,95

  • RideLink WingMan incl. Mounting Material
  • RideLink ConnectApp with Premium Features
  • eCall 12 Month (Country Coverage)
  • Daten plan for 12 Monate (Country Coverage)
  • Connection cable for battery and ECU
  • Price incl. 19% VAT. (Germany)
  • Data, eCall and PremiumApp in the following year only € 29,- per year

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