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RideLink Wingman

The RideLink WingMan is your digital pillion passenger for motorcycling. The WingMan is a small Linux computer with many sensors that track your journey. The gyroscope and accelerometer record your ride precisely. The sensors reliably detect your cornering position or an accident. The WingMan is also very communicative, it connects to your smartphone via WiFi and to the Internet via 2G/4G. Your motorcycle has a CAN bus? Then the WingMan can also diagnose your motorcycle! The WingMan can be installed in your motorcycle in 5 minutes, you just have to connect it to the ignition terminal or the battery. Then you connect it to your smartphone and then you are ready to go!



The WingMan Pro is the ultimate GPS tracker for motorcyclists that contains all the functions of the WingMan Basic and offers many more advanced functions. In addition to reliable theft protection and 1Hz GPS tracking, the WingMan Pro also has OBD2 support, lean angles, acceleration and accident detector (eCall). These additional features allow you to monitor the condition of your motorcycle and get help quickly in the event of an accident. The WingMan Pro costs EUR 349.95 and requires an annual subscription for EUR 49.95 (included in the first year) to use the full functionality. If you are looking for the ultimate security system for your motorcycle, the WingMan Pro is the perfect choice.
  • Reliable theft protection: With the WingMan Basic you have a reliable security system that protects your vehicle and notifies you immediately in the event of theft.
  • Comprehensive GPS tracking: Thanks to the innovative GPS technology, you can track the location of your vehicle in real time at any time and quickly locate it.
  • Automatic accident detector: The WingMan Pro has an accident detector that automatically triggers an emergency call if you are involved in an accident. You will receive a notification on your smartphone and can react quickly to the accident.
  • OBD2: The OBD2 function allows you to monitor the condition of your motorcycle by providing real-time data about engine performance and diagnostics. This way you can identify potential problems early and fix them before they cause major damage.


RideLink accident detection

Automatic accident detection

The WingMan can detect accidents and falls with its sensors and the stored logic. As soon as the WingMan detects such a situation, it automatically sends the location position to a 247 call center.

247 call centers in the following countries

The call center checks all incoming messages and tries to reach you by telephone. If you cannot be reached and your position no longer changes, the rescue chain is triggered.



RideLink Diebstahlmelder

Automatic theft notification

WingMan's theft notification function protects your vehicle with immediate notifications on your smartphone in the event of theft. Thanks to GPS technology, you can precisely track the location of your vehicle and find it quickly. So you can be sure that your vehicle is safe and protected at all times.

Live tracking of the position

With the WingMan's live tracking function, you can keep an eye on the exact location of your motorcycle. GPS technology enables real-time tracking and quick localization of your motorcycle. Rely on a safe journey and find out more about the WingMan's other safety features.



RideLink Tracking

Automatic trip recording

WingMan's automatic GPS tracking offers a convenient and reliable way to record your rides. As soon as you are on the road with your motorcycle, the WingMan automatically starts recording the journey and saves GPS positions as well as driving dynamics data such as speed, acceleration and rolling values. The WingMan transmits with 2G/4G so that perfect reception is guaranteed even in countries like Switzerland.

Live Tracking

WingMan's live tracking feature allows you to share your location in real time with your friends and family. You retain control over your privacy at all times, as you can deactivate the link at any time. This feature is particularly useful on longer tours and trips so that your loved ones can track your location.



RideLink Wingman

Live data via OBD2

The WingMan has an integrated CAN bus with which you can read out vehicle data. Various data can be read out live via the so-called OBD2 interface in the motorcycle.

Trouble Codes (DTC)

Motorcycles with an engine control unit occasionally produce errors that are stored in error codes and can be read out via OBD2. The WingMan can read, display and also reset these error codes based on the OBD2.



Group navigation

The app allows navigation in groups, so you and your friends can ride together safely and easily.


The app connects you with other drivers and allows you to share experiences and information.

Trip history

You can record and save your rides to later track your experiences and progress.

Route planner with round trip

The app offers a route planner with a round trip function to plan beautiful and varied routes.

Curvier option

The Kurviger option allows you to plan routes specifically tailored to motorcyclists, offering the best turns and scenery.


RideLink Tracking


 RideLink WingMan Basic

RideLink WingMan Pro

for only € 349.95

  • RideLink WingMan incl. mounting material
  • RideLink ConnectApp with premium functions
  • eCall 12 months (Country coverage)
  • Data tariff 12 months (Country coverage)
  • Connection cable for battery and ECU
  • Price including 19% VAT
  • Data, eCall and PremiumApp in the following year only € 49.95 per year

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