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Welcome to RideLink - the platform for motorcyclists worldwide! We are here to enhance your motorcycling experience and offer you a unique opportunity to share your passion with other like-minded people.

Our team of experienced engineers, developers and motorcycle enthusiasts work hard to optimize the RideLink app and GPS tracking system for you. We have created a platform where you can organize tours and meetings, track your statistics and collect valuable information about your driving style.

Our goal at RideLink is to create an innovative and user-friendly platform that is tailored to your needs as a motorcyclist. We rely on modern technology to make driving safer, more pleasant and more entertaining. We are proud to be part of the motorcycle community and look forward to enjoying the riding experience with you.

Stephan Kaufmann - Founder

Stephan Kaufmann is an enthusiastic motorcyclist and entrepreneur with a degree in business informatics. After initially working as a consultant, he founded startups in the field of telematics and advertising, later RideLink. As an avid café racer and motorcycle rallies driver, Stephan combines his love of driving with his knowledge of technology. Stephan is a creative thinker and proud to be part of the modern technology revolution. Stephan currently doesn't have a moped, but drives our BMW R Nine T.

Ruben Vazquez - Co-Founder

Ruben Vazquez is the co-founder and lead mobile programmer at RideLink. He has been part of the team since 2020 and has a degree in software engineering. Ruben lives in Vigo and Prague and is a passionate motorcyclist. He runs his own motorcycle VBlog called "Ruben en Moto" where he shares his experiences and tips and inspires the motorcycle community. In his free time, Ruben enjoys exploring the Vigo region on his motorcycle and is always looking for new adventures and challenges. Ruben is a talented and dedicated programmer who brings his expertise and passion for driving to his work at RideLink.

Ignacio Lago - Co-Founder

Ignacio Lago is co-founder and CTO of RideLink and is responsible for the development and operation of the platform. Ignacio has extensive experience in founding and developing startups and applies this knowledge at RideLink. Outside of work, Ignacio loves festivals and motorcycling, but unfortunately he has little time to ride due to his work as CTO. As an expert in infrastructure and server technology, Ignacio is responsible for the RideLink servers 24/7 and ensures that the platform runs smoothly. Ignacio is an indispensable part of the RideLink team and brings his passion for technology and motorcycling to his work.

Florian Scherer - Co-Founder

Florian Scherer is a talented TU student and is currently doing his doctorate in the field of vehicle trajectory. He is known for being the fastest on two wheels or skis and always being a little more extreme than the rest. At RideLink, Florian is responsible for developing driving dynamics models in WingMan and ensuring that the platform is optimized for drivers. As CRO & COO, he takes care of all customer concerns and ensures that RideLink always meets customer needs. Florian is a passionate driver and is enthusiastic about all things related to vehicle technology. He brings his passion and expertise to his work at RideLink, helping to ensure the platform works optimally for all motorcyclists.

Tomasz Duda - Backend

Tomasz Duda has been with RideLink since 2022 and is responsible for the development of the backend system. As a passionate motorcyclist and BMW fan, he brings his experience in backend development to the RideLink platform. Tomasz comes from Poland and puts his heart and soul into RideLink and his family. With his quick response time, Tomasz is always available to troubleshoot any issues with the platform and ensure everything runs smoothly. Through his passion for motorcycles and technology, Tomasz helps RideLink provide an innovative and user-friendly platform for motorcyclists worldwide.

Marcin - Android

Marcin is a talented Android developer at RideLink. He has been part of the team since 2022 and brings his experience to the development of the RideLink app. Although he does not have a motorcycle license, Marcin is enthusiastic about the idea of offering motorcyclists a unique platform to share their experiences and optimize their riding pleasure. As a Pole, Marcin is proud of his heritage and brings his passion for technology and innovation to his work at RideLink. Marcin is an important part of the RideLink team and helps keep the app running smoothly on Android platforms.

Frederic Paul - WingMan, TPMS

Frederic Paul is a talented engineer and member of the RideLink team. As a student at TU Darmstadt, he brings his specialist knowledge to the development of WingMan and TPMS. In addition to his work at RideLink, Frederic is an enthusiastic martial artist and snowboarder and also shows off his skills on the circuit on his small Yamaha R6. Frederic is a passionate rider and brings this passion to his work at RideLink, ensuring the WingMan and TPMS systems are optimized for motorcyclists worldwide. With his expertise and passion for engineering, Frederic is an indispensable part of the RideLink team.